Preparing for change - big change!

Posted on 14/04/2017 by jbayfield

Hello Gwiddlers!

As always, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the highest quality of service from us. Sometimes, in order to keep that the case we need to make a few changes to the way we run our service. The good news is that what we've got planned isn't going to have any negative effect on you - the bad news is that it means we'll have to switch off our control panel for a few hours. But don't fret, your websites will remain up and running!

As you may be aware, we currently use VestaCP as our control panel software. This is free and open source software, which we absolutely love. However, we've noticed that it has been falling behind in quality control, and to be quite honest, we probably outgrew it a few months ago. The trouble is that the software is not built to run the number of sites that we do, and even with our own custom modifications to make your service better and our lives easier, it's time to say goodbye to the tool that has served us over the past two years.

You may be wondering what we're replacing good ol' Vesta with. Over the past few weeks we have been perfecting a tool that'll automagically move all of our VestaCP data to Plesk, a well-known control panel software that has the features and support we need to keep Gwiddle running safely and smoothly. The tradeoff we make in dropping open source for a proprietary product is that we have better support and a greater assurance that processes are in place to keep your content up and safe. It also expands our horizons in regards to services we can offer to you, and we're excited to share those potential ideas with you in the future.

When the switchover happens you will notice a few changes in the way that the control panel looks and acts, and we'll be working to update our documentation as quickly as possible. However, for the most part your services will operate in a similar way. The two things that you need to be aware of is that your mail account passwords will change, and you will need to use FTPS instead of SFTP to upload your website files. You'll still receive mail, but you will need to reset your passwords for email in the control panel once the switchover is complete. Other than this, there is no other action you need to take. Just sit back and relax - we'll do all the work.

We will be keeping you updated as time goes on - and hopefully we'll have a brand new, more reliable and faster service for you to enjoy.

Happy coding!

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